My Yoga Story


My first experience of Yoga was when I was at University. I turned up at my gym wanting to do an exercise class in the middle of the day and there it was ‘Yoga’. I knew very little about it and was sure it would be a waste of my time, after all I was at the gym for a work out. Negative thoughts aside I thought well I’m here now I will give it a go. I was the youngest person in the room by far and a real gym goer and runner, I thought this will be a nice gentle stretch. Well I was very wrong. Half way in legs shaking and sweating like crazy I couldn’t believe what a physical work out this was.

With a busy job as a primary school teacher life soon got in the way as it does, gym memberships cancelled and exercise was something I could fit in whenever I was free (Which was never). I decided I needed to do something so took up running again and trained for my first marathon. I loved the fresh air and free feeling that running gave me. After many miles of training and two marathons later the aches and pains started to set in. I really needed to do something to stretch out those hamstrings! That’s when I gave Yoga another try. Practicing at home using Apps and DVD’s made it something I could do at a time that suited me.  I was amazed at how Yoga stretched out my tired and tight muscles but also how I developed strength and balance which in turn improved my run

It wasn’t until I practiced on a more regular basis that I felt the greater benefits of Yoga. My mat became a place to unwind and let go of all the busy happenings of the day.

A radical life changing decision later, I left my job and moved to Australia with my husband. I was so lucky to travel around the most beautiful places and live on the Gold Coast where Yoga, health and wellness play such a huge part in every day life. Practicing in fantastic studios with inspiring teachers and friends helped me to make the decision to do my Yoga teacher training.

A lot has happened in my life since I made that decision and at times it didn’t feel like it was meant to be or possible, but one thing remained steady, returning to the mat each day, to my practice, to my breath. I completed my 200hr Yoga teacher training at Yoga London and I’m happy to share what I have learnt with others, helping them to feel the life changing benefits of a regular Yoga practice.